Please, find the prices at the end of each description.

The prices of a Reborn Baby are given according to the characteristics, such as the material to be used and the time that the artist needs for making your baby.

These babies are made of vinyl, with handmade painting using Genesis Heat Set Paint (GHSP) professional and excellent quality materials.

It is made of numerous layers of paint to get a realistic result. Between each layer, the mold has to go in a special drying oven and after dried, it is painted as many times as necessary to achieve the desired result.

The rooted hair is implanted strand by strand with a special needle, because of this Babies with rooting always take longer to create.


An exact price, will only be given after talking to the artist and specifying all the details of your baby.

Estimated prices:

To give you an idea of prices, we point out some characteristics that influence the price:

Bald Baby:

The most affordable are usually the bald and closed eyes babies, which cost an average of € 300  to € 520 .

Usually they are ready in 2 weeks.

prices reborn baby

Babies with painted hair:

Babies with painted hair, need at least one week longer to be made, so the average is €410  to € 680 .


Babies with rooted hair:

Babies with rooted hair is without doubt the most labor-intensive, and need at least 40 days to finish, and the price ranges from € 490 to € 1.000.

* These prices are average, provided that they have a textile body.

bebe reborn cabelo enraizado

Realborn Babies:

Realborn Babies are carved using a mold of a real baby. They are created directly from a photometric  computer scanner. It is made with a 3D technique and therefore has many more details: creases, folds, wrinkles etc., making them surprisingly more realistic. Due to the price of these molds and the work required, an order of a Realborn baby ranges from € 390 – € 650.

reborn kase



It is also possible to add back or front plate. It is € 40 or € 60 (realborn plate) per plate. In this case, it must be ordered when ordering the baby, so that the mold painting is in the same tone of the plate.

Ready made babies:

Ready made babies typically have an affordable price and you can buy them immediately. Click here and buy now.

* Special features should be consulted when dealing with premature babies or limited editions.

All babies come with special layette and a birth certificate:

Extra clothing;

Extra diapers;

Magnetized pacifier;

Baby bottle;

Teddy bear;

Hair comb or brush (if applicable);


Birth certificate;

Baby care instructional manual

Surprise gift.

* Items above, are not necessarily identical to the photos below.


Payment methods:

Bank deposit, bank transfer,cash and Paypal.

Always 50% deposit at the time of orde ring the baby will be necessary (to import the mold) and the remaining 50% on delivery.

International Payment: only via Paypal.


You can collect your baby in person, in the city of Maia in Portugal.

We ship to all Portugal by mail with free shipping.

We ship to all of the European Union with the addition of € 30.

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