Common questions

Common questions:

  • Can you reproduce a reborn baby from a photo?

No. It is only possible to reproduce some characteristics, such as sex, eye color and hair from a “template” that resembles some baby features in the photo. However, they won’t be a replica, will be “similar”.

  • How long does it take to create my reborn baby?

As each baby is unique and is made by hand, it depends on the number of existing orders and the mold to be used. Usually I say on average it takes 30 to 40 days after confirming the order.

However, you can purchase a reborn baby from our nursery, almost immediately, just choose the ones that are up for adoption.

  • What does my baby come with?

All babies always have their layette showed when they are for sale. But the basic layette is: Extra clothes, extra diaper, magnetized pacifier, bottle; teddy bear, comb or hair brush (if applicable), blanket, birth certificate, baby care instruction manual and a surprise gift.

  • What is the price of a reborn baby?

As previously said what sets the price of each baby is the degree of difficulty of the techniques applied, the mold used, special features and hair roots.

Babies can vary from € 240 to € 800.

  • Is it possible to pay in installments?

You can make the payment in 2 parts, 50% on order and 50% at delivery.

  • Do you deliver to all of the European Union?

Yes, we deliver to all of the European Union, with a charge of € 30 for postage.

  • When ordering a baby, can I pay everything on delivery?

No, I only consider an order with a deposit of at least 50% of the agreed price at the time of the order confirmation. The remainder can be paid through Paypal or bank deposit.

  • I have a faulty reborn baby and would like to improve it, do you do this work?

We do not work with improvements.

  • I have already bought a reborn baby from you, I will have a special discount if I buy another?

Yes, if you already bought one of our babies, you are a preferred customer, and therefore will have a 15% discount when you purchase another baby, discounts are not cumulative.

  • Is this baby suitable for children?

The reborn baby is not a toy, it requires special care, so it is recommended for children who are, at least, 7 years old.

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